Leaf Forest
A piece that reflects how we interact with nature. What if you could see what happens when you touch a leaf? How does the energy flow and how is the leaf aware of our presence? Our main intention is that people touch the leaf's petiole, while more the audience interacts, the piece will become brighter and more alive.  As a magical and abstract way, the process of photosynthesis is visible. The installation invites people to become one with the leaf,  invoking playfulness and discovery, due to its form. Involving the spectator in a sensorial experience transforming them into the vital propelling factor that brings the necessary energy to awake the leaf. From the beginning, the spectator perceives the shape as a dense forest that soon turns into an infinite reflective space by the deepness given by the trichomes light on the reflective fragments. The combination of light, colour and reflection make people feel charge with natural energy that flows by the interaction of the people around the trichomes.

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