Reviting Mesh​​​​​​​
Using nature as inspiration we had an in-depth look at the complexity of a nest and how it serves as a structure, as the overarching driver for both space and form the shape creates a very interesting visual confusion where the colours mix and make contrast giving depth. Departing from the decomposition of a cube, we explore the behaviour of its shape through subtracting faces and applying the parametric design. With the use of algorithms and a computational physics engine, acting as a digital pneumatic device, forces exerted on the cube led to its inflation. Apertures were first removed from each face where the cube almost appeared skeletal or as a nodal connection of points. An internal pressure was enacted on the cube producing the inflated effect. The cube was bifurcated diagonally so that half the cube could be discarded and through mesh, smoothing was rounded producing a branched geometry. The mesh was unrolled and a stripped morphology was produced. 
Piece made at the Aarhus visiting school by:
Ryan Fernandes
Daniella Ricci

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