Rhythms to Share
 Most of the public spaces are somehow not used, people simply pass through and do not stop, we walk around seemingly oblivious to our immediate surroundings. Our faces are transfixed on our 4.7’’ phone screens, having more interaction with the device and with people online. With technology have come many benefits and one of which we see is the inclusion and connection with new places, cultures, and people digitally.  We rarely achieve this in physical spaces, the interaction, and even quick chats about the weather are vanishing. The proposal aims to generate a space that invites to listen to the inner child in us, be free, play, move, stay and relax. Being these activities important to build community in our public spaces, we proposed an installation that gains power by the interaction of people moving within and surrounding it.
The idea is to generate capsules of lights that represent musical notes, they are activated when people get in the capsule, emanating the sound of a note. One person can crouch and stand up repetitively as long as they like and produce a sound. These musical notes can also change to predetermined rhythm to also learn and share diverse cultures and traditions through music. To create a melody, the integration of others is needed, bending, jumping, running from one capsule to the other, sitting around coordinating the 'orchestra', or simply enjoying by watching and hearing. The need to build up the sense of community, civic identity and culture are very important for the future of successful public spaces. Rhythms to share as we decided to call this installation, encourage people to go outside to bond, know their neighbors, understand cultures, share experiences, build community, and raise the sense of belonging to this places.  

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